ACROSS THE LAKE Festival of Balkan and Mediterranean film 

Across the Lake Film Festival is an initiative led by Jani Bojadzi, film director and producer. It is envisioned as a festival of Balkan and Mediterranean film and authors living or originating from the Balkan and Mediterranean countries, which will be taking place in Dojran/Doirani, along the shore of the lake. The first edition of the festival will be held in the period of 19-23 July 2023.

The central part of the festival will be focused on the films and the filmmakers. At the same time, the festival is intended to be a festival of Balkan and Mediterranean music and food. The programme will be enriched with music performances in the evenings, following the film screenings. During the day, the visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy in Balkan and Mediterranean food.
The duration of the festival will be extended each year and complemented with workshops and competitions in various fields of the art of filmmaking.
With much enthusiasm, we would like to invite you to join the festival and contribute with your ideas, experiences, knowledge and vision. We hope that one day the festival will be taking place on both the Macedonian and Greek side of the Dojran Lake, allowing for everyone to freely cross the lake and enjoy the world of film, music and food.


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