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Rolex Air king Replica

The dial, which is still at 7 o'clock, displays the hours and minutes using a pair blue serpentine hands. The dial is angled at 50 degrees so that it can only be read by the wearer. Through the sapphire back, you can view the sun-winding rotor, which has sculpted rays and provides the timepiece with a four-day power reserve.

The Rolex Air king Replica is a stunning piece of architecture.Rolex Air king Replica The HM6 Space Pirate, and the HM7 Aquapod are the previous two flying tourbillons from Rolex Air king Replica. The Rolex Air king Replica and the HM7 are different from conventional modern watch movements that use a radial or co-planar construction approach.

Most watchmakers choose to secure their flying tourbillons conservatively within their movements. Busser is the company that will turn this notion upside down and show off its flying tourbillon.

Move with ease

Automatic flying tourbillon with hours, minutes and a power reserve of four days

Case Study

Water resistant up to 30 metres, 38.5mm x 20.5mm, in red gold or platinum with a high-domed sapphire on the top and a sapphire caseback.


Alligator or calf leather pin with a matching red gold or Platinum buckle


Each piece contains 18 pieces(Rolex Replica)