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My only concern was the group of guys that would be driving. Anyone who has even the smallest understanding of social anthropology, or read Lord of the Flies knows that on a 3-day drive through remote mountain passes the guy starting out as slightly annoying will end up in some remote grave at high altitude. Or thrown from a car and down the aravine. It's just the way group dynamics work. It could even be me, if something went wrong.

I was surprised to learn who my fellow participants were at the welcome dinner on the night prior to the drive.rolex replica The group was composed of Alexander Kraft, president of Sotheby’s Realty France and the sartorial star who often appeared in my other magazine The Rake. Johann “Philip” Rathgen is the editor of Classic Driver, judge at the Concorso and Andrew Hildreth, who used to moderate the Richard Mille Forum at Their company was so fantastic that the experience of driving along with them in the end may have restored my faith in mankind.

Wei Koh with Alexander Kraft, Philip Rathgen and Wilhelm Schmid in the background.

The Rolex Cellini Replica Rolex Cellini Replica Trip was the ultimate example of travelling in style.

Our paths crossed many times before, but this was the first occasion I spent significant time with Alexander, who became known as Krafty. We quickly bonded over our love of all things civilised and toilet humor.Patek Philippe Replica Philip's booming voice, his larger-than life persona, and his extraordinary knowledge of anything and everything about cars, watches, and tailoring were a refreshing balm for the group. Hildreth's brilliance was so astounding that I couldn't help but be amazed. He was a professor of mathematics until he was summoned by a law office to represent a major credit company in a dispute with a group other credit companies. He was asked if he had the ability to do the maths that would prove the former company had been taken advantage by the latter. His answer was "yes", which led him to secure a $1.5 Billion settlement for the firm's client.

These guys are the ones I'd want to work with if I were going to rob or destroy a museum, casino, or North Korea's nuke programme, or even implant a behavior modification chip in Donald Trump's hair. Because we'd get all this done while having fantastic meals, cigars and wine accompanied byribald, esoteric andwildly entertainingexperiences.