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It was therefore with a certain amount of trepidation I accepted Arnd Einhorn's invitation to accompany CEOWilhelmSchmid in a vintage car from Munich to Lake Como, where we would attend the world's largest vintage car show: the Concorso d'Eleganza. This event is held at Villad'Este.Rolex Milgauss Replica The invitation is a good one. The invitation has a lot to offer.

On the Rolex Milgauss Replica to Como, a Mercedes 190SL was joined by an AC Bristol.

True Great

A. Lange & Sohne has always been a favorite of mine. I also admire Wilhelm Schmid's aesthetic innovation and technical prowess. This is largely due to the two extraordinary horological icons who were responsible for the revival of the brand in the year 1994. Walter Lange was the heir of the eponymous brand who tragically died in January.Corum replica Gunter Blumlein, one of the most brilliant minds in the watch industry, was the other. After the reunification, he wanted to reposition Saxon watchmaking to a level never before achieved to compete with the mighty Genevois juggernauts – namely Patek Philippe & Vacheron Constantin – that ruled at the time.

He achieved something truly amazing, releasing a cannon of the most ethereal and horological marvels. This was done by tapping into the watchmaking geniuses who had been working in silence at the GUB collective under communist rule. He realised that unlike Switzerland, mechanical watchmaking had not been affected by quartz watches in East Germany. The knowledge and savoir-faire for everything mechanical was still in the hands and minds of the tireless workers.

Wilhelm Schmid, CEO of A Lange & Sohne, prepares the AC Bristol of Wilhelm Schmid for a trip

He launched the Lange 1 soon after, a watch that featured a distinctively asymmetrical dial and was inspired by the five minute clock in Dresden's Opera House. The watch proudly displayed its double-barrelled nature with the words "dopplefederhaus". In light-hearted collector circles, this led to a comparison between Heidi Klum's gravity-defying décolletage and the watch. The untreated German Silver (which could stain irreparably if touched by a human hand), the hand-engraved balance-cock, the black-polished swan-neck regulator, and the chatons, which are gold sleeves with jewels, defined a new horological vocabulary that had never been seen before. It was mesmerizing in its ambition.